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Wholcom Listing Information

WholCom listing is a symbol of highest trust and transparency. Seller must write clear product description with rightful and detailed information so that a buyer gets in-depth knowledge about a listing. Seller must also highlight along with complete information of a listing. The more information the seller gives the better quality listing it becomes.

BEST actions for seller

WholCom provides a broad spectrum of opportunities to all sellers, which can be explored to achieve higher business profits. There are different best practices that can help dealers grow their business significantly. Have a look at them:

Participate in wholcom Deals

WholCom Deals Merchandising and Promotions are a great way to boost the sales and improve the online visibility of the business. To participate in marketing and promotional programs write to deals@wholcom.com.

Price to Sell

WholCom is a transactional model where only committed buyers come, so a seller must price his product aggressively to sell fast. Pricing a listing at an optimal price will help in selling more and over priced products are not sold easily. Seller must check the market value. before putting the final price tag. Offer best price for a listing to get better business. Seller must mention quality product description and other important details to justify the price tag of a commodity.

Verified Seller

Be a WholCom verified seller and get a Verified Seller badge that's a symbol of higher trust. Every buyer wants to shop from the most authentic and trustworthy seller who offers original and reliable listing.

Focus on Customer Reviews

Concentrate on customer ratings and reviews. More trust in the buyers will help gaining maximum ratings and positive reviews. Try offering best class service, product description, truthful information, better price, and clear images to sell more and build trust amongst the market. Click here for seller registration